Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Testing
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Rapid Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Results

Fast. Using a single drop of blood, the Alere HemoPoint® H2 System offers accurate results for hemoglobin and an estimated hematocrit level*—in less than a minute. The easy-to-read touch screen displays the current time, battery status and allows for easy operation.

Advanced. Utilizing proven microcuvette technology, the Alere HemoPoint® H2 System features a proprietary “soft load” cuvette holder to minimize blood contamination of the meter. The hemoglobin result is flagged if it is outside the user-defined limits.

Easy to Use. The Alere HemoPoint® H2 System’s user-friendly sampling technique minimizes training time and its rechargeable battery makes it completely mobile. Recall the last 4,000 test results with the touch of a button.

Rapid Hemoglobin Results

The Alere HemoPoint® H2 Meter provides a fast, reliable measurement of an individual’s hemoglobin level. Hemoglobin testing plays an important role in managing anemia and other red blood cell disorders.


  • Methodology: Optical absorption photometry
  • Principle: Azidemethemoglobin
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated
  • Sample Type: Capillary, venous, or arterial blood
  • Sample Size: 8 μL
  • Hematocrit Range: 36–54% (calculated)
  • Measuring Range: 0–25.6 g/dL
  • Within Run Precision CV: 0.6–0.7%
  • Total Precision CV: 1.2–1.5%
  • Measuring Time: 10–60s


Hematology (or haematology) includes the study, diagnosis, and treatment of blood and blood diseases. Our solutions provide rapid diagnostic results and decision support for physicians and patients who need greater insight into a variety of blood disorders and cardiovascular disease conditions. Whether at the point of care, in the lab, or the patient home, our products and services are designed to provide the timely information needed to guide treatment decisions, reduce costs, streamline workflow, and improve patient outcomes.

Alere HemoPoint® H2 Microcuvettes
The Alere HemoPoint® H2 Microcuvettes provide a quantitative determination of hemoglobin in capillary, venous, or arterial whole blood when used with the Alere HemoPoint® H2 Meter. Hemoglobin testing plays an important role in managing anemia and other red blood cell disorders.

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CPT Codes:

HemoPoint H2 Meter  [ AL600-55118 ]
Price: $723.75
HemoPoint H2 Starter Kit 1, Meter + 200 Cuvettes  [ AL601-55118-SK200 ]
Price: $673.49
HemoPoint H2 Starter Kit 1, Meter + 400 Cuvettes  [ AL602-55118-SK400 ]
Price: $797.49
Hemopoint H2 Microcuvettes (100ct)  [ AL603-80549 ]
Price: $106.99
HemoPoint H2 Optics Cleaner Kit  [ AL604-52219 ]
Price: $45.00
HemoPoint Controls (Optional) Not Required  [ AL605-88772 ]
Price: $35.00
HemoPoint H2 Power Adapter  [ AL610-52218 ]
Price: $145.00
HemoPoint H2 User Manual  [ AL611-26280 ]
Price: $21.00
HemoPoint H2 Cuvette Holder  [ AL612-52220 ]
Price: $103.25
HemoPoint H2 Printer Cable ( For Use w/ Alere Unv. Printer Only)  [ AL613-52217 ]
Price: $46.00
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