Bayer A1CNow+

Bayer A1CNow+
Bayer’s A1CNow+® system provides you with a fast, easy way of obtaining accurate A1C results in your office. This innovative technology enables you to communicate face-to-face with your patients about their diabetes control.


More efficient than the lab:

Results in 5 minutes
Portable – use in multiple exam rooms
Small (5ul) blood sample
Easy to use – minimal training required
No maintenance

Key features:

Lab accurate
National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) certified
ClinicalLaboratoryImprovementAmendment (CLIA) waived
International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) traceable
Reimbursable – bill to CPT code 83037

The importance of A1C
Small changes in A1C can make a big difference over time. In fact, a 1% point reduction in A1C may lower the risk of complications by up to 40%
When patients know their A1C, they can:

  • Confirm self-testing or blood test results
  • Judge whether a treatment plan is working
  • See how healthy choices can make a difference in diabetes control

The first single-use, quantitative test for long-term glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. CLIA waiver is a regulatory status available only for those diagnostic technologies deemed so simple to use that the likelihood of an erroneous result is negligible, in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).


The potential benefits of point-of-care A1C testing

  • The ADA states that the use of point-of-care testing for A1C allows for timely decisions on therapy changes, when needed.1
  • Giving diabetes patients on-the-spot feedback on their A1C number may result in as much as a 1% point reduction in their A1C over time.2
  • A 1% point reduction in A1C may lower the risk of complications by up to 40%.*3

For medical professional use only. This product cannot be purchased for personal or home use.

**Includes 1 test meter, 20 disposable test strips and 20 easy samplers.  [ 880-3021 ]
Price: $162.49
Product is on indefinite backorder.

84% of Type 2's think they're doing just fine. But in reality, 67% of those patients are out of control.
if they feel nothing's wrong, they see no need to do anything differently.

It's been shown that a 1% reduction in A1C lowers
risk of complications such as eye, kidney and nerve
disease by 40%

Bayer's A1CNow+ monitor provides accurate,
in-office A1c results, empowering physicians to
on the spot treatment decisions for their
patients with diabetes.

Getting quick, accurate A!C results just got
even easier with the new A1CNow+ Sampler.

- Only 5 UL of blood required
- Simple blood collection
- Fewer parts involved
- Easy disposal

- In office testing. No waiting for lab results
- Results in just five minutes
- Hands-on procedure time is less than one minute
- Provides opportunity for immediate, face-to-face counseling

- CLIA waived
- No calibration, no daily controls, no maintenance
- No refrigeration necessary if used within three months
- No capital equipment required
- Enables A1C testing in every exam room

- Proven lab accuracy at 99%
- NGSP certified

Clinical Accuracy

The A1CNow+ test is annually certified(7) by the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) and therefore traceable to the DCCT. Further, each lot is factory calibrated using a set of blood samples that have been quantitated by an NGSP certified laboratory using an NGSP certified method. Since in-field calibration is neither needed nor possible, the user cannot alter the accuracy of the test. Allowing for the normal variation seen with all laboratory methods, a 7 percent A1C using A1CNow+ will thus be, on average, the same as a 7 percent A1C on other instruments that are also calibrated to NGSP standards.

Advanced Technology

  • Uses micro-optical
    technology that
    provides results
    equivalent to the
    most sophisticated
    lab equipment.
  • Simultaneously
    conducts two, independent
    A1C tests
    and compares the
    results to ensure
  • Utilizes both
    immunoassay and