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Cardiovascular Testing
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At last, an inexpensive, rapid, non-invasive, FDA cleared, device to assist in identifying those patients who are at significant risk for Cardiovascular Disease. The Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI) of the brachial artery has been demonstrated in studies to correlate with the coronary arteries as to the extent of atherosclerotic lesions. An estimated 60-70 million Americans harbor this silent killer.

New Software update please note that the 3.30ABI will prompt your user to delete the 3.10ABI if it is on their computer, they must answer yes so that the new software can overwrite the old. Data will not be lost, it will transfer to the new software database. However, in the previous ABI (3.10) version pulse waves were not saved in the database so will not be able to generate graphs from previous readings.

For medical professional use only. This product cannot be purchased for personal or home use.
(Tests ASI Only) - Model MS-2000 w/ 2.05 Software  [ 836-2000ASI-001 ]
Price: $5,795.00
(Tests ABI & ASI Only) - MS-2000 w/ NEW 3.3 Software  [ 837-2000ABI-001 ]
Price: $5,995.00
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