Microbrush Disposable Applicators

Microbrush Disposable Applicators
The working end of the Microbrush is comprised of non-linting, non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape to hold (in suspension) solutions as small as one eighth of a drop. Eliminates dripping, spilling, or waste.

By placing solutions precisely, with no residue materials on the brush, savings of up to 60% are possible with the Microbrush over ordinary bristle brushes.

The Microbrush is the best brush for applying a precise amount of these solutions:
• Etchants • Hemostatic Solutions • Cavity Lining
• Bonding Agents • Disclosing Solutions • Sealants
• Fluoride Varnishing • Dycal Applications

Available in Yellow & Pink

400 ct

Regular  [ 567-MRA400 ]
Price: $52.15
Fine  [ 568-MFA400 ]
Price: $52.89