October 20, 2010   |   ISSUE: 4

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Wisdom Teeth As Source of Stem Cells

The expression of four transcription factors can reprogram mouse as well as human somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells. We generated iPS cells from mesenchymal stromal cells derived from human third molars (wisdom teeth) by retroviral transduction of OCT3/4, SOX2, and KLF4 without MYC, which is considered as oncogene. Read More

Weapons Technology Repurposed for Peaceful Use in Medical Prosthetics

A group of ground-breaking American and Russian scientists, led by Dr. Terry Lowe, chief scientist at Manhattan Scientifics are taking Cold War weapons technology and repurposing it for peaceful use in medical prosthetics and dental implants. Nanotitanium, a new FDA-approved super-metal that is stronger than conventional metal alloys, integrates more quickly with human bone -- and is expected to be more reliable, longer lasting, and provide faster post-surgery healing. Read More

Imaging Study Shows Brain Responds More to Close Friends

People's brains are more responsive to friends than to strangers, even if the stranger has more in common, according to a study in the Oct. 13 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers examined a brain region known to be involved in processing social information, and the results suggest that social alliances outweigh shared interests. Read More

Gambling on Bacteria

When it comes to gambling, many people rely on game theory, a branch of applied mathematics that attempts to measure the choices of others to inform their own decisions. It's used in economics, politics, medicine — and, of course, Las Vegas. But recent findings from a Tel Aviv University researcher suggest that we may put ourselves on the winning side if we look to bacteria instead.

Air Pollution May Prompt Acute Cardiac Distress

Cardiovascular morbidity has been associated with particulate matter (PM) air pollution, although the relation between pollutants and sudden death from cardiac arrest has not been established. This study examined associations between out-of-hospital cardiac arrests and fine PM (of aerodynamic diameter ≤2.5 μm, or PM2.5), ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide in New York City. Read More

Probiotics May Help Ward Off Common Cold

The aim of this study was to investigate whether consumption of Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL 9 (DSM 15312) and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 (DSM 13434) could affect naturally acquired common cold infections in healthy subjects.
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The A1cNow+ test is annually certified by the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) and therefore traceable to the DCCT.

Further, each lot is factory calibrated using a set of blood samples that have been quantitated by an NGSP certified laboratory using an NGSP certified method. Since in-field calibration is neither needed nor possible, the user cannot alter the accuracy of the test. Allowing for the normal variation seen with all laboratory methods, a 7% A1C using A1cNow+ will thus be, on average, the same as a 7% A1C on other instruments that are also calibrated to NGSP standards.

Bayer's A1cNow+ monitor provides accurate, in-office A1c results, empowering physicians to make on the spot treatment decisions for their patients with diabetes.

Getting quick, accurate A1C results just got even easier with the new A1cNow+ Sampler.


  • Only 5 UL of blood required
  • Simple blood collection
  • Fewer parts involved
  • Easy disposal
The CVProfilor
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