August 15, 2013   |   ISSUE: 19

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New Line Medical

Blood Collection: One Test, Many Uses

New Legislature Makes AEDs Required, Affordable In the past, blood testing has been costly both monetarily and in terms of time. The New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit is a revolutionary new way to screen blood and detect potentially debilitating health issues.

The New Line Medical Universal Collection kit is incredibly easy to use. Whereas traditional blood collection required blood samples to be accurately collected and transported, the New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit simplifies the entire process.

New Legislature Makes AEDs Required, Affordable

COPD Increases Risk of Brain Bleeding

Hubble Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with an increased risk of developing cerebral microbleeds, according to a new study from researchers in the Netherlands. Cerebral microbleeds are a marker of cerebral small vessel disease, an important cause of age-related disability and cognitive decline.

Compared with subjects with normal lung function, COPD patients had a significantly higher prevalence of cerebral microbleeds, which was independent of age, sex and smoking status.

Hubble EyeQ™ Wellness Exam Sets New Standard

There’s No U in Corporate Wellness

IRS: Wellness plans don’t count toward minimum coverage requirements It is important for those in charge of corporate wellness within a company to remember the health interventions that work for them as individuals might not work for other employees unless evidence-based. There is no "U" in corporate wellness!

It’s crucial that any corporate wellness program has the right testing equipment for COPD, lipoprotein and more.

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COPD Can Develop in Non-Smokers

Lipoprotein Testing: Why it's So Important and Where You Can Get it Done Let’s face it: Using cholesterol values alone to predict whether or not heart attack is in your future can lead to failure. Yes, it works statistically in a large population. But apply it to a specific individual, and you might as well roll the dice.

There are a number of reasons for the shortcomings of cholesterol values to predict heart disease..

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Common Cardiac (Heart) Medical Tests: the Good and the Bad

Add 14 Years to Your Life by Optimizing Cardiovascular Profile There are two types of heart tests invasive and non-invasive. A medical test or procedure is considered invasive when something is put into your body - a needle or a tube to gather or give blood, fluid, or tissue. In a non-invasive test, nothing is placed into your body.

Here are some commonly permed cardiac tests. Included are names, how the tests are done, what your doctor is looking for, and what are good – and not so good – results.

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