EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometry Kit

EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometry Kit

EasyOne® Plus Diagnostic

ndd Medical Technologies’ EasyOne Plus Diagnostic spirometer offers true portability for testing anytime, anywhere. With ndd’s TrueFlow technology, the EasyOne is not influenced by heat, humidity, barometric pressure, or altitude. Some of the many features of the EasyOne Plus include our USB cradle for direct connection to printer or PC, flexible EMR capabilities, vast memory (~700 tests) and selectable predicted values and interpretation.

 EasyOne® Plus Frontline*    

ndd Medical Technologies’ EasyOne Plus Frontline spirometer is designed for the simple assessment of lung health (FVC testing). Holding true to the EasyOne series of spirometers, it is easy to use and includes our USB cradle for direct connection to printer or PC. Limitations for this model include: Does not meet ATS 2005/ERS or OSHA standards, best curve is not shown on display, unable to perform FVL (Flow Volume Loop) trial and only NHANES III predicated value can be used.

EasOne Diagnostic Spirometry System Kit
Includes:1 Diagnostic Spirometer, -1 Cradle, 1 Color Inkjet Printer

EasOne Frontline Spirometry System Kit
Includes:1 Diagnostic Spirometer, -1 Cradle, 1 Color Inkjet Printer

For professional use only. This product cannot be purchased for personal or home use.

Diagnostic Spirometry System Kit  [ NDD-001-2001-2 ]
Price: $1,890.00
(EasyOne Spirettes) (50ct)  [ NDD-010-2050-1 ]
Price: $92.50
Frontline Spirometry Kit  [ NDD-003-2000-2P ]
Price: $1,205.00
Frontline Spirometer ONLY  [ NDD-005-2000-1 ]
Price: $559.00
3-Liter Calibration Syringe W/Adapter  [ NDD-015-2030-2 ]
Price: $325.00

This easy-to-use spirometer uses patented digital ultrasonic flow measurement technology for fast, accurate and reliable operation. The EasyOne is designed for a wide range of testing in primary care, specialty physician, industral and hospital settings. EasyOne offers automated comparison to predicted values, pre and post bronchodilator comparisons, and test quality control that automatically assesses patient effort and displays easy to understand messages that aid in patient coaching. The graphic display shows curves, and the optional printout is easy to read and interpret. The single-patient-use breathing tube minimizes risk of cross-infection. The EasyOne is compact, stores up to 700 patient records, and is battery powered for true hand-held portability.

Features :
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement
  • 700 test session storage
  • 64x160 pixel graphical display
  • Hygienic disposable spirette
  • Automated quality control
  • Graphic curve display (Diagnostic only)
  • Clinical interpretation
  • Optional PC data transfer
  • Customizable configuration
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Calibration check with syringe

EasyOne Reimbursement

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