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Exacta EZ Cement Xtra

Exacta EZ Cement Xtra
Manufacturer: Exacta

The all new EXACTA Cement Xtra has just made the job of cementing temporaries easier! The convenience of automix dispensing is now available, eliminating the inconsistencies of measuring and hand mixing. Cementing is now as easy as just putting on a mixing tip.

EXACTA Cement Xtra is formulated to work perfectly with EXACTA Temp Xtra. If you are using our temporary material, why would you use someone else’s cement?

The automix dispensing system insures that you will only use the precise amount of material that you need by extruding EXACTA Cement Xtra directly into the temporary. The micro mixing tips will provide consistent bubble-free mixing, time after time with virtually no waste.

After inserting the temporary, the material will remain elastic for 1:30 minutes allowing for simple and quick removal of any excess material. The final set time of 3-4 minutes insures that EXACTA Cement Xtra provides a secure retention of the provisional restoration. Removal of the temporary is quick and requires less clean-up than other temporary cements. The non-eugenol formula insures that there will be no interference with the bonding of the permanent restoration.

EZ Cement Tips 25ct  [ E010-7432 ]
Price: $30.49
Exacta EZ Cement Xtra - 1 ct. + 25 tips  [ E009-7433 ]
Price: $132.79