Pure Bond Dispenser

Pure Bond Dispenser
Disposable, multi-purpose, light protected storage wells for bonding agents and composites. Store light-sensitive bonding agents, sealants and composites in four wells protected by a light locking lid.
50 ct.  [ 618-PBD-S ]
Price: $27.05

Features Benefits
Increased Efficiency Preload agent to save valuable
chair set-up time
Light Protecting Lid Prevents light contamination
of bonding agents or composites
Compact Design Easily held by assistant
Four Agent Wells Deep wells hold all bonding agents
and composites
Saves Bonding Agents Unique well design pools remaining
agent for optimum utilization
Disposable, Single Use Reduces cross-contamination
Insert Resin Construction Compatible with all resins, primers,
solvents and etchants
Brush Storage Channels Store small applicator brushes
prior to bonding procedures