Cholestech Synopsis Descriptions

Publication Synopsis Reports

Title: The Cholesterol That Counts
Author: Fuerst, Mark
Institution: Free Lance Writer
Journal: American Health
Date: June 1992
Type: Article

Synopsis: Details why it is important to screen for HDL, and mentions the Cholestech LDX.

Title: Evaluation of Seven Cholestech LDX Analyzers for Total Cholesterol Determinations
Author: Rogers, Eugene J., Misner, Lorraine, Ockene, Ira S. and Nicolosi, Robert J.
Institution: University of Massachusetts
Journal: Clinical Chemistry
Date: 1993
Citation: Vol. 39, No. 5
Type: Paper

Synopsis: Total cholesterol evaluation over seven different LDX instruments. Though it is only total cholesterol, this paper is still valuable to answer any objections about instrument to instrument variability. Some previous users of the Reflotron have seen higher than acceptable instrument to instrument variability and may have concerns about it.

Title: Cholesterol, Round 2 - The Second Set of Guidelines Adds Recommendations - and Complexity
Author: Rubin, Rita
Institution: Free Lance Writer
Journal: U.S. News & World Report
Date: June 28, 1993
Type: Article

Synopsis: A good review of the new NCEP guidelines written in laymans terms. Discusses HDL and why testing is necessary in detail.

Title: Fingerstick Specimens Can be Equivalent to Venous for Cholesterol Measurement
Author: Warnick, G. Russell
Institution: Pacific Biometrics
Journal: The Fats of Life
Date: 1991
Type: Paper

Synopsis: Details a study of fingerstick and venous samples on the Abell-Kendall method for TC, that shows that fingerstick samples do not show any bias, and are acceptable for use.

Title: Performance of Second Generation Total and HDL Cholesterol Compact Measurement Systems
Author: Miller, Greg W., McKenney, James M. and Volles, David F.
Institution: Virginia Richmond
Journal: Clinical Chemistry
Date: June 1992
Citation: Vol. 38, Number 6
Type: Abstract

Synopsis: Accuracy evaluation of Cholestech LDX (TC and HDL) and Accumeter (TC) only. Concludes that the LDX meets NCEP guidelines and there is no difference between capillary and venous blood.

Title: Evaluation of the Cholestech LDX Lipid Analyzer for Cholesterol, Triglyceride and HDL Cholesterol (HDL-C) using whole blood.
Author: Jeanine Beranek, Carrie Carlson, P. Roberts, Ronald Feld
Journal: Clinical Chemistry
Date: July 1993
Citation: abst #0613
Type: Abstract

Synopsis: Evaluation of Lipid Profile as compared to the Hitachi 717 and Hitachi 747. Concludes that it performs accurate, precise and rapid lipid analyzes on whole blood.