Wavicide-01 Cold Sterilization

Wavicide-01 Cold Sterilization
Ready to use 30-day glutaraldehyde solution designed for room / temperature use. Requires no activator, no mixing! One year shelf-life. Light fresh scent. User-friendly and cost effective.

  • Has a pH of 6.3 and is very stable and non-corrosive with stainless steel.
  • Is still today the safest and most cost-effective high-level disinfectant / cold sterilant soaking solution on the market for reprocessing endoscopes and surgical instruments which cannot be sterilized using ethylene oxide or heat.
  • Does not contain the suspected carcinogen ortho-phenyl phenol.
  • Has a reuse of up to 30 days when monitoring the glutaraldehyde concentration with the WAVICIDE-01® Test Strips and it combines the efficacy of a 14-day solution.
  • Is the product of choice for your high-level disinfection and sterilization needs.
  • Is a mild fresh scented replacement for those other unpleasant pungent smelling brands.
Wavicide - 1 Gallon  [ 781-01041G ]
Price: $25.99