Apicoectomy Root Resection

Apicoetomy Root Resection #36

By Dr. Damian Dudek


Healthy male, 47 years old. The inflammatory changes (radiular cyst) are not involved after 3 months post re-ednodontic treatment using microscopy. He has pain and discomfort from time to time. We have done a root resection of tooth #36 (19) with backfill of the root canal with the MTA, cyst enucleation (confirmed with hhistopathology examination). We filled the bone defet with Bond Apatite® (1/2 cc).

Good healing and no clinical symptoms after 2 to 12 months was observed. Moreover, there was only one day of pain and two days of swelling after the surgery. Dugin the surgery we observed how nicely the Bond Apatite® filled this bone defect, because it takes more time and is much more difficult to fill the defect using tradition l augmentation techniques (bovine bone, membrane, pins etc).