Augma Ridge Expansion & Socket Grafting Clinical Case

By Dr. Stephane BERG


A 70-year-old woman reported several times the completion of the prosthetic on #35, leading eventually to a fracture. The patient demanded an effective solution for the replacement of the sector. The ridge was too narrow for implant placement in #36 and #37 and the cortical plate in #35 would be erased after the extraction of the fractured root.

The treatment started with a socket filling during the extraction time on #35 in order to maintain the height of the ridge and to improve the width of the bone. Then, lateral augmentation of sector #36/#37 for enabling a simple implant placement in the molar area.

Implant placement of #35, #36, #37 was done 7 months post-op using large diameter implants in a large, healthy and well vascularized bo