IRS: Wellness Plans Donít Count, Smoking Cessation Does

As the economy and the rules governing healthcare change, many employers have their eyes on wellness plans. In the past, there has been some debate over whether or not these corporate wellness plans would count as the “minimum coverage” that employers are required to provide for their employees.

In a recent report, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) completely clarified the matter: wellness plans will not count toward minimum coverage requirements, aside from smoking cessation programs. This makes a smoking cessation program a key part of employers’ plans to reduce healthcare costs.

With smoking cessation programs, nicotine testing is a must. Also called cotinine testing, or frequently misspelled as cotine testing, this is a process to test if a particular individual has recently smoked.

Previously, this has been a tricky and error-prone procedure. That’s what makes Alere Toxicology’s iScreen® Cotinine Oral Fluid Screening Device (OFD) so cutting edge. The iScreen OFD gives professionals an easy-to-use way of checking for smoking use.

The iScreen Oral Fluid Screening Device tests for cotinine, which is the primary metabolite of nicotine. It does this nicotine testing in two basic steps, sample collection and testing, all handled within the device.

  1. Sample Collection: Here, the person administering the test places the sponge on the end of the iScreen OFD in to the patient’s mouth and swabs, actively, for 3 minutes.
  2. Testing Procedure: Next, the sponge and device are inserted in to the cap and held horizontally for 10 minutes. The cap will then provide an easy, clear read-out.

The results given by the iScreen OFD are positive, negative or invalid, making the test nearly impossible to misinterpret. The iScreen also:

  • Detects cotinine (cotine) and nicotine up to 1 – 2  days after use
  • Provides results in 10 minutes
  • Features integrated internal procedural control
  • Maintains a lengthy shelf life
  • Detects cotinine at 30 ng/ml

The iScreen Oral Fluid Screening Device is a must for any workplace looking to reduce healthcare costs through nicotinecotinine testing.

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