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Microcyn HOCL Technology

Microcyn HOCL Technology
Microcyn is a stable, highly efficacious pH-neutral wound irrigant based on the science of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). 

  • HOCl is highly efficient, but under most conditions, an unstable antimicrobial agent that is generated by human cells as a defensive agent. 

  • Clinically, Microcyn is a biocompatible wound irrigant that is stable, non-toxic, and non-irritating with antimicrobial properties. 

All Microcyn solutions and OroGenix rinses consist of the same Microcyn solution formula.

Microcyn HOCL Technology Features:

Antimicrobial Efficacy
  • HOCl , an ingredient in Microcyn , is 70 times more efficacious than the active ingredient in bleach, sodium hypochlorite ( NaOCl)

Non Toxic
  • Non toxic and non cytotoxic
  • Microcyn is very efficacious at levels of free available chlorine (FAC) below the point at which toxicity begins.
  • Dilute bleach (Dakin’s solution) requires significantly higher levels of actives and is cytotoxic.

  • Microcyn is stable (24+ month shelf life) life), whereas diluted bleach products such as Dakin’s solution have limited stability requiring generation at the point of use.
  • Shelf life for diluted sodium hypochlorite is 7 days (US Pharmacopia

Microcyn HOCL Summary:

Only compound in the world with unique combination
  • Broad spectrum and rapidly antimicrobial.

  • Effective against viruses, fungi and spores via unique mechanism of action
  • No antibiotic resistance seen.
  • As safe as saline.

  • Accelerates non-infected wound healing via decreased inflammation.

Significant evidence of safety and efficacy

  • Biocompatible, non-toxic, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic.
  • 33 clinical trials and numerous published articles.

  • Accelerates wound healing 20-30% in multi-study analysis.

  • Large human exposure (> 54 million patients to date).


Example Uses of OroGenix and Microcyn:

In-Office Use

Endocyn 500
  • Root canal irrigant.
  • Dispense in ultrasonic scaler reservoir.

Microcyn Skin-Wound Solution 500 ml with Sling Label for Hanging
  • Cleanser-irrigant.

At-Home Care

OroGenix Oral Hygiene Rinse with Microcyn Solution Inside
  • Microcyn oral hygiene rinse for at-homecare.

OroGenix Tooth Gel with Microcyn Wound Gel Inside
  • Non-fluoride tooth gel for brushing.

Microcyn Wound Gel

  • Denture sores-stomatitis.

  • Post-surgical wound management.


Microcyn Branded Products:
Endocyn, Microcyn OTC Skin-Wound Cleanser, Microcyn Wound Gel

Endocyn with Microcyn
  • Root canal irrigant

  • 510(k) cleared

  • 500 ml (16.9 oz)

Microcyn OTC Skin Wound Cleanser
  • Irrigant - cleanser.
  • 510(k) cleared.
Two Sizes
  • 500 ml (16.9 oz) with sling label.
  • 8 oz (237 ml) with squirt cap.

Microcyn Wound Gel
  • Topical wound gel
  • 510(k) cleared
4 oz


OroGenix At-Home Products with Microcyn Inside
OroGenix Oral Hygiene Rinse and OroGenix Antiplaque Tooth Gel

OroGenix Antiplaque Tooth Gel
  • Non-fluoride tooth gel containing with Microcyn and laponite.
  • 3 fluid ounces (89 ml).

OroGenix Oral Hygiene Rinse
  • Oral hygiene rinse with Microcyn
Two Sizes: 

  • 500 ml (16.9 oz) with graduated measuring cup
  • 237 ml (8.5 oz) with graduated measure cup

Microcyn_Test Summary
Orogenix Antiplaque Tooth Gel (3oz) 12/Case  [ GS033-200-1003 ]
Price: $197.88
Microcyn OTC Wound-Skin Cleanser (8oz Squirt Cap, 12/Case)  [ GS015-100-1003 ]
Price: $209.88
Microcyn OTC Wound Gel (4oz) 12/case  [ GS020-100-1004 ]
Price: $209.88
Orogenix Oral Hygiene Rinse (237ml 8 oz) w/Dispensing Cup 12/Case  [ GS032-200-1002 ]
Price: $209.88
Endocyn (500ML,12/Case)  [ GS001-100-1001 ]
Price: $299.88
Microcyn OTC Wound-Skin Cleanser (500ml Sling Label, 12/Case)  [ GS010-100-1002 ]
Price: $299.88
Orogenix Oral Hygiene Rinse (500ml 16.9 oz) w/Dispensing Cup 12/Case  [ GS031-200-1001 ]
Price: $299.88