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Inject Safe - Barrier Bandages (100ct)

Inject Safe - Barrier Bandages (100ct)
Inject-Safe™ Barrier Bandages
The first and only bandage designed specifically for injections.

  • Improved Safety
  • Lower Cost
  • More Convenient
  • Less Pain

Features & Benefits

  • Meets OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standards definition of Engineering  Control, for use to reduce employee exposure to a patient’s blood at the site of subcutaneous or intramuscular injection
  • Safer – Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages self-seals to help contain bleeding following an injection.
  • Consistent with “Universal Precautions” established by OSHA.
  • Protects the healthcare provider from exposure to potential blood borne pathogens.
  • Allows healthcare provider to use both hands to dispose of the needle. Reducing needle sticks.

Simple Procedure
Step 1: Prepare injection site with alcohol swab
Step 2: Remove bandage from package and apply to skin
Step 3: Make injection through center of bandage remove and safely dispose of syringe

Improved Safety
  • Barrier Bandage creates an antiseptic puncture site supporting "no touch" technique
  • Eliminates need to return to puncture site post injection
  • Self sealing membrane contains bleeding and splattering during an injection
  • Protects user from coming into contact with potential blood borne pathogens
  • Simple procedure reduces potential for accidental finger stick injuries
  • 98% of users stated that the Barrier Bandage made them feel safer

Lower Cost
  • Combines the functionality of a band aid, cotton ball and rubber gloves
  • More efficient procedure lowers overall cost on injection by as much as 50%

More Convenient
  • Simple procedure saves time and integrates easily into busy office, clinic or pharmacy

Less Pain
  • Unique concentric adhesion reduces injection pain for patients
  • 70% of patients felt the Barrier Bandage made the injection less painful

Inject Safe - Barrier Bandages (100ct)  [ MP369-ISI007 ]
Price: $17.99