Exacta Brush-on Tray Adhesive

Exacta Brush-on Tray Adhesive
Vinyl poly-siloxane adhesive. Apply to impression tray prior to filling with VPS impression material to achieve maximum adhesion interface between tray and material. Reduces the chance of inaccuracies and helps achieve multiple pours with the same impression.

Tray Adhesive Instructions for Use

Brush the tissue side of the preselected tray with vinyl adhesive. The optimum bond occurs when the adhesive film is as thin and even as possible. Be sure to coat the internal of the impression tray up to and including the edge/rim/perimeter of the tray. Prevention on the impression material peeling away from the edges of the impression trays is imperative.

Allow to dry for five (5) minutes.

All vinyl adhesives are flammable and contain toxic, volatile materials. DO NOT inhale and DO NOT have any open flames near the adhesive during application to the tray. Close bottle immediately after each use to avoid evaporation of the solvent!

TRAY IMPRESSION ADHESIVE should only be used in well ventilated rooms. In case of contact with skin, wash off with water and soap.

Do not store above 23°C (73°F). Do not use after expiration date.

Exacta Tray Adhesive SDS
Exacta Brush-on Tray Adhesive  [ 541-7010-TA ]
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