Full Arch Reconstruction Live Surgery Video

By Professor Ilia Mushayev

This live surgery video includes extractions, immediate implant placement, augmentation and a bilateral sinus lift with with Bond Apatite®. The Augma Shield™ is placed above the sutures to improve healing.

The patient is a healthy, 62 year old female. She came to the clinic with complaints of pain, mobility and instability of the bridge in the upper jaw. Eight years prior to this she had 10 implants and 14 crowns placed.

Radiographic images show lack of height and shape of the bone in the upper jaw. The treatment plan included the extractions of 8 teeth, bone augmentation, bilateral sinus lift, lateral augmentation in each jaw with Augma Bond Apatite®. 12 Implants were placed, with immediate loading on the front 6 implants. Later the implants were exposed on both sides and a temporary bridge was placed over all implants.

Live Surgery - Full Arch Reconstruction (Video)