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It's more than portable. It's pocketable!

K2 Mobile – Wireless Soft Tissue Diode Laser

The K2 Mobile Diode Laser is lightweight and balanced, weighing in at just 135G's, including the battery. It's wireless and feature-packed, providing more user options than many of the more expensive corded units, with 22 pre-set programs and 4 additional memory settings that are user-definable for added convenience.

Incredibly powerful, providing enough power for most any soft tissue procedure, with 3.5W of continuous power, and up to 6W pulse. Its innovative design includes 10 technology patents and two design patents that provide increased efficiency, durability, and an ergonomic design for comfortable use.

Reusable, Autoclavable Optic Fibers, Up to 50 Uses Per Fiber.
The K2 Laser features the world's first AFL system, a patented Adjustable Fiber Length system that is ideal for instantly reaching anywhere in the mouth, especially hard-to-access areas. It's very economical to operate, with autoclavable optic fibers, Aluminum front caps, and Hygienic silicone front covers. The autoclavable optic fibers get up to 50 uses per fiber, making them less than a dollar per use!

K2 Mobile Laser Kit Includes:
K2 Mobile Laser, Charging stand with (2) litjium-Ion batteries, 2 General Purpose Autoclavable Fiber Tips, 1 Autoclavable Endo/Hyg Fiber tip, 2 Laser Goggles, 1 Fiber Stripper, 1 Autoclavable Hygienic Silicone Sleeve, 1 Laser operating sign and User Manuals, 2 Year Mfr warranty

K2 Hygienic Front Silicone Cover/Cushion, Autoclavable  [ MV0171-M05-204 ]
Price: $7.50
K2 General Optical Fiber G-Tip (400um), Ea  [ MV0155-M05-201 ]
Price: $37.00
K2 Endo/HYG Optical Fiber E-Tip(300um) ea  [ MV0157-M05-202 ]
Price: $40.00
K2 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery - 1900mAh (Proprietary), Ea  [ MV0172-M05-205 ]
Price: $50.00
K2 Power Supply Cord For Battery Charge (M05-206), Ea  [ MV0174-M05-207 ]
Price: $75.00
K2 Fiber Cleaver  [ MV0176-M05-209 ]
Price: $75.00
K2 Fiber Jacket Stripper  [ MV0177-M05-210 ]
Price: $100.00
K2 Optional Tooth Whitening Acceleration Tip  [ MV0178-M05-211 ]
Price: $100.00
K2 Optional LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) SPACER  [ MV0179-M05-212 ]
Price: $125.00
K2 Optional Storage Case (Holds Docking Stand, Fibers and Accessories)  [ MV0180-M05-213 ]
Price: $125.00
K2 Aluminum Front Cap, Autoclaveable  [ MV0170-M05-203 ]
Price: $175.00
K2 General Optical Fiber G-Tip(400um) 5 Pack  [ MV0156-M05-215 ]
Price: $179.00
K2 Endo/HYG Optical Fiber E-Tip(300um) 5 Pack  [ MV0158-M05-216 ]
Price: $186.00
K2 Laser Protection Goggle 980nn RATED, Ea  [ MV0175-M05-208 ]
Price: $250.00
K2 Laser Docking Stand W/4 Battery Charge (requires M05-207 Power cord)  [ MV0173-M05-206 ]
Price: $375.00
K2 Mobile Laser Kit (Laser, Stand, Tips. 2yr Warranty)  [ MV0150-M05-101 ]
Price: $4,495.00

Autoclavable & Bendable Fiber Head

The K2’s patented front aluminum cap features a bendable tip that allows the proprietary optic fiber to be aimed at just the precise angle to comfortably use during your procedure. The tip can be bent to nearly 90 degrees. When finished, simply pull of the aluminum cap, the optic fiber, and the silicone sleeve and drop them in the autoclave for disinfection. No more costly disposable tips to purchase.

Autoclavable Aluminum Head

The K2 Mobile Laser is the embodiment of 5 years of R&D, and over 2 million dollars invested to create a hand held mobile laser that has the same capabilities, or more than the current state of Dental Diode Lasers

K2 Mobile Laser

AFL Patented Extendable Tip

The K2 Mobile features the world’s first AFL System (Adjustable Fiber Length) to be used in a diode laser. The patented AFL provides the longest optic fiber available. Combined with the flexibility of the bendable tip, there is not a single area that cannot be accessed for procedures. The tip can be extended, or retracted anytime as the procedure dictates.

The K2 Features Easy Program Selection

The K2 Mobile’s easy to read OLED display automatically flips for Left or Right handed use and includes 22 pre-set popular procedures with their recommended power settings, as well as 4 user definable memory options to load in your favorite emision settings.


Size(LxDxH) (without tip) : 205mm x 25mm x 30mm
Weight : 135g with battery inside
Medium: Diode laser
Wavelength: 980nm
Max output power: 3.5W (CW)
Max peak power: 6W (Pulse)
Emission mode: CW / Pulse mode
Aiming Beam : 635nm Laser diode, max 5mW
Autoclavable Aluminum Head and Optic Fiber Tips
2-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Charging Station:

Dimension: 160 X 90 X 49 (mm) (WxHxD)
Weight : 227g
Voltage Input: 100~240v, 47~63Hz
Battery: Lithium Ion 3.7v 1700mAhC
Port: 4 battery charging port



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