Lateral Augmentation

Dr. Stephane Berg (France)

A mandibular 1st molar with missing buccal wall.

A 59 yo female, non smoker.  

She simply can’t stand a lower denture but need a replacement. Moreover, the width of the ridge is not wide enough

for an implant placement. So, when the lower right 2nd molar was extracted, we were confronted with a problem.

We decided to proceed to a lateral augmentation in #45, #46 (29 & 30) and to the socket graft 2nd molar in the same surgical step with the same bone graft product.

Biphasic calcium sulfate (Augma Bond Apatite) was used with different protocols along with deep decortication.

Five months post GBR, I’ve performed the implants placement (Surcam, S-type, 45 : 3,75 mm x 13 mm; 46 : 4,20 mm x 13 mm; 47 : 5 mm x 13 mm) in a true new vital bone wide enough to accept the implants and well vascularized.

Re-opening intervened 10 months after GBR and the CBCT shows the new cortical plate.