Clearview H. pylori II

Clearview H. pylori II
Clearview® H. pylori
Clearview® H. pylori is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay test for use with whole blood, serum, or plasma used to detect antibodies to H. pylori and to aid in diagnosing H. pylori infection.

  • Accurate and sensitive: Clearview® H. pylori detects H. pylori with 93 percent sensitivity and 90 percent accuracy
  • Rapid: The test yields results in 10 minutes
  • Convenient: The test is simple to use and interpret and includes a reliable, built-in assay control
  • Flexible: can be used with serum, plasma or whole blood

  • Sensitivity 93%
  • Specificity 89.2%
  • Accuracy 90.7%
  • CLIA-waived (US only)
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Kit Size=20 tests

Product Insert

For medical professional use only. This product cannot be purchased for personal or home use.
30 tests/bx.  [ 874-6706KCV ]
Price: $188.49

Clearview H. pylori II

Clearly different
Clearview’s patented innovative technology provides highly sensitive and
specific tests for H.pylori.

  • Rapid Response: Two easy steps,positive result in as
    soon as 1 minute.
  • Simplicity: CLIA waived,easy-to-use test requires no training.
  • Reliability: Built-in control ensures accuracy.
  • Flexibility: Use with multiple sample types — whole blood,,
    serum or plasma.

Clearly better
Clearview H.pylori II provides physicians with fast results for early diagnosis.

  • Allows patient to start therapy sooner.
  • Reduces the risk of developing more serious illnesses.
  • Reduces the likelihood of complications.
H. pylori II

Two-step technology
provides direct detection
of H.pylori antibodies.

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