Fresh Light Body

Fresh Light Body
Manufacturer: Exacta
The perfect light body material for highly detailed impressions. Will not run, yet will flow easily to provide incredibly sharp margins. The unique snap effect means the impression will not tear and hydrophilic properties omit voids due to moisture. Offered in fast set.

2-50 ML Cart. & 6 Tips

FRESH Bold Impression Material uses state of the art silicone polymer formulas to give you a forgiving impression material that is accurate in the most difficult oral environments. We developed nine different viscosities and we can help you choose what will work best for your procedures and techniques. Whether it be traditional crown and bridge impressions, denture impressions, or impressions for orthodontic procedures, EXACTA has you covered. Most viscosities also have two different set times, a regular set for more challenging cases or a fast set to make life easier.

Fresh Light Body Fast  [ E040-7497 ]
Price: $31.39