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New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit (Lipid/Glu + Cotinine + A1C)

Professional Blood Collection Kits (Lipid/Glu + Cotinine + A1C)
New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit comes equipped with everything you need in order to collect your sample. Once complete, simply mail in your sample in the pre paid envelope provided, and our CLIA certified lab will process your order. Your results will then be mailed to you. Its that simple! The New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit allows you to work directly with our Laboratory, which helps save you time and money. We look forward to working with you!

EP Evaluator reports:

HbA1c Card Linearity
HbA1c Alternate (Quantitative) Method Comparison

Cotinine Alternate (Quantitative) Method Comparison

GLU Linearity
GLU Alternate (Quantitative) Method Comparison
Lipid/Glu + Cotinine + A1C  [ NCD003-LGICOA1C ]
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