Handpiece Doctor

At handpiece doctor, we one thing....and we do it right!

We repair almost any type of air driven handpiece. Handpiece Doctor saves you money by fixing your turbine when the bearings go out instead of you purchasing a new turbine every time. On highspeeds we carefully remove the old bearings and replace them with brand new bearings that meet all manufacturer specs. We also replace all O rings and any other components that are too worn for proper performance. If your turbine is too worn for repair, we may recommend replacing it. We also stock new turbines for major brands. Most repairs returned in 24-48 hours. Additional freight charges may apply.

Complete Lowspeed Service

*Six Month Warranty

  • Motor Overhauls
  • Motor Rethreads


*Six Month Warranty

  • Straight Attachments
  • Star Angle Adapter
  • Midwest Contra Sheath


*Three Month Warranty

  • Latch Angle Rebuild
  • PB Latch Angle Rebuild
  • Kavo Angle Rebuild
  • New Ball Bearing Angle
  • New Doriot Angle

Star Titan Scaler Service

  • Star Titan S/SW Rebuild
  • Shaft Repair
  • Rotor Replacement

High Speed Turbine Overhaul/Rebuild

*Three Month Warranty

  • Midwest Quiet Air, Lever
  • Tradition, Tradition L, XGT
  • Midwest Stylus
  • Star 430 SWL (lubricated)
  • Star 430 LUBE FREE
  • Kavo 630, 640, 642, Mira Lux
  • Kavo 6000
  • Adec, W&H
  • Lares
  • NSK, Kinetics
  • Impact Air 45
  • LTL (maintenance free)
  • Push Button Canister
  • Standard Canister

Additional High Speed Services

  • Autochuck Repair/Replacement
  • Star, Midwest Fiber Optic Replacement
  • Kavo Cellular Optic Replacement
  • Air/Water Line Clearing, minor service
  • Air/Water Line Replacement

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Each handpiece is inspected, repaired and tested in accordance with manufacturer's standards and specifications. We guarantee all material and workmanship for the full period of the warranty and will replace or repair any defects at no charge.

HANDPIECE DOCTOR is now happy to offer sales of new handpieces for those of you in need of updating or replacing old, worn out ones. Our high speed handpieces are designed and manufactured to stringent European standards, yet available at very affordable prices giving you utmost value and confidence. All handpieces are ergonomically designed and can be tailored to your liking with 3 different head sizes and 2 water spray options. Our handpieces offer couplers compatible with most major and better known brands of handpieces; e.g., Kavo, Sirona, W & H, Nsk, Star. Call New Line Medical today and experience the difference!