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Portstad Portable Stadiometer HM200P

Portstad Portable Stadiometer HM200P
HM200P Portstad Portable Stadiometer has a height range of 5-1/2" to 78-3/4" (14-200 centimeters) with a graduation of 1/8" (0.1 cm). The HM200P Stadiometer is highly portable for measuring height in any location, making it ideal for traveling nurses, physician's offices, clinics and hospitals. The HM200P Portstad Portable Stadiometer disassembles into 4 sections and stores with the headpiece placed in the base. This stadiometer is accurate, durable, and lightweight with all plastic construction. If measuring at a wall, the unique stabilizers give added support to the Portstad stadiometer.

  • Height Range: 5 1/2 - 78 3/4 in (14-200 cm)
  • Graduation: 1/8 in (0.1 cm)
  • Portable for height measuring at any location
  • Unique stabilizers if measuring against wall
  • Height rod disassembles into 4 sections and stores with headpiece in base
  • Accurate, durable, and lightweight all plastic construction
  • Measures in inches and centimeters

Portstad Portable Stadiometer (Each)  [ QM001-14268 ]
Price: $129.99