Rapicide OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant

The better, safer and faster alternative to glutaraldehyde.

Did you know?

Glutaraldehyde is a recognized cause of occupational asthma and a potent skin irritant.

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for patients and staff just got easier. Rapicide OPA/28 provides a superior way to reprocess heat-sensitive, simi-critical dental instruments and devices that are unsuitable for sterilization. It features the fastest disinfection time, twice the reuse period of other OPA brands and guaranteed materials compatibility, which allows for the ultimate combination of safety, convenience and value.

OPA/28 poses less odor and less irritation to the eyes, nose and throat when compaired to glutaraldehyde.**
With a reuse period of 28 days you'll handle your HLD less frequently making it safer for your staff.

10-Minute High-Level Manual Disinfection Time at 20° (compared to 45 - 90 minutes for gluts).
Faster disinfection time provides at least one extra disinfection cycle for every 5 instrument cycles.
Lasts Longer
Features a 2 year unopened shelf life and 75 days once opened.

Inactivates TB, HIV2, MRSA, VRE, and Hepatitis Viruses
Exellent materials compatibility and is non-corrosive to metal

No activation required - OPA comes ready to use (unlike many gluts)
Rapicide (1 Gallon)  [ C030-ML020127 ]
Price: $48.49