Starting Your Own Wellness Program

Increasing productivity by reducing absenteeism, and reducing the overall cost of health insurance to employees are noble goals shared by many employers. One effective way to meet these goals is to start a corporate wellness program

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, worksite wellness programs reduce sick leave absenteeism an average of 27 percent. In addition, the journal reports, such programs reduce health care costs by 26 percent and reduce workers' compensation and disability claims by 32 percent.

Can you afford not to have a wellness program?

Some employers worry about the effect of starting a wellness program on the company's bottom line. But measured in dollars and cents, an organization can save about $153 by reducing a high-risk employee's health risk and as much as $350 for keeping a low-risk employee at his or her current level, according to the University of Michigan's Health Management Research Center.

Here are some cost-effective ways to kick off a wellness program in your company or organization:

  • Make available monitoring equipment: New Line Medical offers an array of devices, including blood pressure monitors, the easy-to-use Alere LDX cholesterol monitoring system featured by Dr. Oz and Bayer's A1CNow+® to help workers manage their diabetes. Tools, such as the Alere LDX system help identify and monitor a variety of conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory disorders.
  • Sponsor an event similar to a Dr. Oz Health Fair: Bring in vendors who can help employees diagnose common conditions, kick bad habits and pick up good habits, and find the tools and services to successfully monitor and manage their health. Offer a 15-minute physical, such as would be available at a Dr. Oz Health Fair, using diagnostic tools from New Line Medical.
  • Sponsor a one-month or three-month health challenge: Depending on the research, habits take 21-66 days to form. Forming healthy habits becomes easier when we do with our peers. Help your employees kick a tobacco or soda habit, lose weight or form a positive habit like making half of each meal fruits and vegetables. Monitor their vital statistics and show them how healthy they are becoming by using tools, such as New Line Medical's Alere LDX cholesterol monitoring system.

For more information on the Alere LDX cholesterol monitoring system or other corporate wellness products, visit New Line Medical at Corporate Wellness or call us toll-free at 1-800-452-8909.