VacuShock / VacuClear

VacuShock / VacuClear
Have Poor or Low Suction?
Don't spend thousands of dollars for a new evacuation system!

TriCom Dental Products "Top Product" by CR Foundation!

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84% of CR Evaluators rated kit exellent or good.

VacuShock and VacuClear
VacuShock tablets are used initially and every three to four months to remove build-up and deodorize suction lines.
VacuClear tablets are placed in the solids collector of each dental unit each week for continual self-cleaning.

VacuShock™  Tablets: A maximum strength, large orange tablet used for initial cleaning and sanitizing of your vacuum system. Used every 2-3 months.
VacuShock™  will break up and remove old aged buildup time has allowed to develop deep  in vacuum lines. Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive , and Non-Foaming.   
Releases a concentrated, anti-microbial agent, removing biofilm, fluorides, amalgam, hard water deposits, and all cross-contamination  leaving your vacuum-lines like new!          

Self-cleaning, time-released, state of the art tablets. Used once or twice a week. Cleans vacuum-lines as you work on each patient. No more rinsing after each patient to keep up with CDC regulations, no more end of the day cleanings-for good!

VacuClear  [ TC005-VS-2 ]
Price: $43.99
VacuShock  [ TC001-VS-1 ]
Price: $46.55