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Carestream Panoramic Films - EVG-15

Carestream Panoramic Films - EVG-15
Ektavision G. (5 x 12)

50 Sheets

Kodak Ektavision Extraoral Imaging Systems brin state-of-the-art, rare-earth imaging to extraoral radiography through technology using KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsions. The T-GRAIN Emulsions contain flattened silver halide grains. These grains have greater light gathering ability than conventional emulsions with pebble-shaped silver halide grains.

• Enhanced - contrast, green - sensitive film allows for reduced radiation.
• Provides high - contrast images with 50% less exposure than conventional blue-sensitive film-screen combinations
• System speed of 400
• Designed for both automatic and manual processing

Applications: panoramic, cephalometric, and TMJ radiography.
EVG-15 (50ct)  [ K101-837-2716 ]
Price: $168.85