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Award Winning Digital X-Ray Sensors & Practice Management Software


DentiMax Awards

DentiMax Awards

Dream Sensors
The DentiMax Dream sensor represents the latest in CMOS digital
radiography, producing incredibly crystal-clear x-ray images.

DentiMax Dream Sensor

Thin & Slim
The Dream Sensors are the thinnest CMOS Sensor on the market today.

Affectionately termed the Dream Sensors, DentiMax digital sensors represent the latest technology in digital radiography. These sensors excel in every area, including image quality, patient comfort & hardware/software compatibility.

Image quality
DentiMax Dream Sensors
produce incredibly crystal-clear
images that are the best in the
industry. How? They use the
latest CMOS active pixel chip
including an industry leading high
sensitive scintillator with a ber
optic plate that includes a built-in
circuit board. This
state-of-the-art technology is encased in hermetically sealed water-tight housing connected directly to a tungsten reinforced cable surrounded by a protective Kevlar mesh—providing the tightest sensor cord/cable in the industry.
What does this technology mean to you? DentiMax sensors take beautiful x-rays with minimal effort and are quality built to last for years. From an image-quality standpoint, DentiMax sensors have truly earned the right be called the Dream Sensors.

Patient comfort
Don’t let anyone fool you; your sensors’ dimensions directly impact the comfort level of your patients. And, with a width of just 5.5 mm, DentiMax sensors are the thinnest CMOS sensors on the market. Add in extreme rounded corners with beveled edges and you have the ideal sensor for patient comfort and
concordance. DentiMax’s thinness and rounded corners exponentially increase patient comfort. In fact, practices that switch to DentiMax sensors often nd that patients will comment on how comfortable DentiMax sensors are.
Knowing that one size of sensor will not t every mouth, DentiMax sensors come in a size two and a size one. The size two sensor is normally used for adult mouths and is known as the “workhorse” sensor. This is the sensor you use to take the majority of your x-ray images because it has a sizeable x-ray footprint making it ideal for diagnosing. To accommodate children and adults with small mouths, you use the size one sensor. With two sizes of DentiMax sensors, you are well-equipped to accommodate the comfort of every patient who walks into your practice.

DentiMax Digital X-Ray Sensor Dimensions and Specifications - PDF Link

Fully Integrated Practice Management Software
Our Practice Management is fully integrated with our Imaging and Electronic Health Records software

Why choose DentiMax software?
DentiMax is a technology leader with the knack of making software that is extremely easy to use. What does this mean to you? DentiMax Software ows just like your dental of ce. From checking in a new patient, to viewing x-rays while treatment planning, to scheduling additional patient visits, DentiMax mirrors your practice’s actual work ow. And the software is packed full of easy-to-use but powerful features like electronic prescription writing, tight x-ray/charting integration and “live” patient insurance status updates. DentiMax takes dental software technology to a whole new level!

Finally, a scheduler that emulates the work ow of your dental office!
Call the appointment book your “home base” because you can access virtually everything you need from it. From the appointment book, you can ow over to your patient’s charting screen, x-rays, prescriptions, ledger, perio exams or whatever you might need to access. Additionally, you can create and email your own appointment reminders to patients, move multiple appointments from one day to another, block off time for certain types of appointments and days off, double book appointments, designate doctor and hygienist time needed for appointments and customize the appointment screen to display whatever unique information your practice needs.

Get quick, accurate answers to financial questions.
Has a patient ever asked you for an exact breakdown of his or her family’s balance, and when you went to the ledger screen looking for answers, you became confused? How can you expect patients to pay when you cannot tell what they owe? DentiMax simpli es the ledger screen, displaying the dollars collected next to their corresponding procedures. This lets you know which procedures are paid in full, which are partially paid, and which
are not paid at all. Now you and your staff can provide quick, accurate answers to patients’ nancial questions.

The Complete Digital Sensor & Practice Management System
Today’s ultra-competitive market requires top-of-the-line practice management software that is completely integrated with state-of-the-art digital x-ray sensors. The DentiMax Complete Digital Sensor & Practice Management System provides the integrated benefits that only a complete system can offer—making the clinical and financial areas of your office work in a cohesive way that takes care of both your patients and your bottom line.

Complete, Powerful & Easy-to-use
DentiMax not only offers tight practice management/digital sensor integration but also offers functionality that is simply not found in other systems. From employee time tracking, to certi ed integrated credit card processing, to electronically capturing signatures on patient release forms, DentiMax has you covered. Check out the following innovations and see just how complete DentiMax really is:

Ditch the Bridge!
No bridge required! The integration between DentiMax’s imaging and charting is tight. It's built in with no need for a third-party bridge between two systems. Create Clinical Notes “automatically”
Recording clinical notes with the all-new clinical note builder is fast, ef cient and extremely easy to use.

Create Clinical Notes “automatically”
Recording clinical notes with the all-new clinical note builder is fast, ef cient and extremely easy to use.

Send X-rays and Other Atachments Electronically
Dramatically improve reimbursement by electronically submitting x-ray, perio and other insurance attachments with NEA FastAttach®.*

Quick Digital X-ray Access
Click on any tooth from the patient’s charting screen to view that tooth’s corresponding digital x-rays.

Record Digital Signatures
Create treatment estimates with digitally captured patient signatures.

Text and email appointment reminders.
With the DentiMax Patient Communicator, make “no shows” a thing of the past by sending appointment reminders via text messaging and emails. Patients can even con rm appointments with their con rmation results updated in the Appointment

True electronic health records software.
If 30% or more of the visits to your practice are from Medicaid patients, you are eligible for a total of $63,750 in government incentive payments (per licensed dentist). To qualify, you need to purchase and use a certi ed electronic health records (EHR) software program and demonstrate a standard known as “meaningful use.”
DentiMax offers such a certi ed EHR
system—we call it “DentiCharts.”

Track employee time.
With the DentiMax Time Clock, track employee time, attendance, make time corrections, and print detailed hours and payroll summaries.

Electronically capture & store documents.
Organize, capture and store: (1) patient insurance cards, driver’s licenses and ID cards (2) patient signatures on your own nancials, privacy and patient release forms and (3) all printed documents.

Process credit card payments directly in DentiMax.
By processing your patients’ credit card payments directly in DentiMax, you will reduce your counter clutter as well as the costs of accepting credit card payments.

Intra-oral camera
Point out hard-to-see problem areas to your patients with our intra-oral camera. Or choose
any intra-oral camera on the market and easily integrate your favorite camera
into DentiMax. The DentiMax imaging software is truly open and
works with virtually all intra-oral cameras on the market.

Online & onsite training
With our online training tools, we can remote into your computer and guide you and your team through setting up and learning any part of the
software. Or, with a little bit of notice, we can make arrangements to train your team, in your of ce, with your equipment.

DentiMax-Sensor-brochure - PDF
Retail Sensor and Practice Management Price List - PDF

DentiMax - Digital X-Ray Sensors & Practice Management Software  [ DENTIMAX ]
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MARK3 Bite Wing Tabs are Self-adhesive tabs to aid in film positioning when taking X-rays. Can be affixed to film packet, packaged in handy dispenser box which is easy to use and store

Contains: 500 per box

  •  Self-adhesive tabs attach to adult and children's X-ray films
  • Holds securely for accurate, distortion-free bite wing radiographs.
Bite Wing Tabs Self-Adhesive 500/bx - MARK3  [ CI0183-100-0500 ]
Price: $8.99
"FLAPS" are stick-on film holding tabs made of soft plastic foam with an extra strong adhesive edge. So-o soft and comfortable, patients accept them better with less gagging. Faster - more convenient to use than conventional cardboard tabs. FLAPS assure correct positioning of both periapical and bite-wing X-rays. Adaptable to both parallel and bisecting-angle techniques.
500 ct.  [ 800-FLAPS ]
Price: $42.35
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