X-Ray Portable Unit
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X-4 Digital Handheld X-ray
1st ALL DIGITAL Handheld X-ray!

(No more outdated Anode style Filament X-ray Vacuum Tubes)

Lightest Weight- Just 4lbs
(True Weight- w/Scatter Shield & Battery)
800 Exposures per Charge!

So Light, It's Perfect
for One-Handed Use!

Easy to read and use controls.
Jog Dial provides fast adjustments,
or use the adjustable Pre-Sets.

Model X-4 - (Made in S. Korea)
Tube Type -  Carbon Nano Tube
Focal Spot -  0.4mm for Sharp Images
Tube Voltage - 70kV (Fixed)
Tube Current - 2mA (Fixed)
Lith-Ion Battery - 25.5v DC
Mfr Warranty - 3-Years-Serviced in the USA
FDA Registration -  # K221286

X4 Replacement AC/DC Charger and Cable  [ MV0120-M01-106 ]
Price: $149.00
X-4 Opional Rectangular Collimator-Meets Alarla Requirements  [ MV0123-M01-109 ]
Price: $209.00
X-4 Docking Stand (Not a Charger)  [ MV0115-M01-105 ]
Price: $289.00
X-4 Replacement Battery (1YR)  [ MV0122-M01-108 ]
Price: $289.00
X-4 Custom Fit Mil Rolling Hard Case w/Pull Handle  [ MV0124-M01-110 ]
Price: $485.00
X-4 Replacement Scatter Shield  [ MV0121-M01-107 ]
Price: $582.00
X-4 All Digital Handheld X-ray (Gun Style, CNT, 70kV/2mA, .04 Focal Spot, Docking Stand  [ MV0100-M01-104 ]
Price: $4,999.00
Rextar-X is the latest, upgraded and totally new design among Rextar series. We put a lot of consideration and effort to create Rextar-X. Operation software is more powerful by adopting smart buttons.
Rextar-X Portable Dental X-Ray Unit  [ MV0001-HANDHELDXRAY ]
SALE Price: $5,650.00
MSRP Price: $6,495.00
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