Nemesis Safety Eyewear

Nemesis Safety Eyewear
Nemesis Safety Eyewear - High performance by design
No other brand offers you the same comfort and flexibility as NEMESIS* Safety Eyewear.

  • NEMESIS* Eyewear features a patented Bridge Structure for Glasses and Nose Pad. With a smaler nosepiece and wider bridge, you get a one-of-a-kind fit that's much more comfortable than with any imitator brand.
  • Super lightweight frames and superior flexibility are a winning combination for all-day comfort.
  • Unsurpassed frame durability is just what you'd expect from a trusted leader in the industry recognized for high-quality, reliable eyewear.
  • ALL NEMESIS* Eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1+ Impact Standards and provides 99.9% UV protection.

Go in style off-site or off-road!
NEMESIS* Safety Eyewear work as hard as you do when you're on the job - or when you're off on outdoor adventures like hunting, trekking or crusing the highway on your bike. with single-lens wraparound protection, durable but lightweight contruction, and a free neck cord, NEMESIS* Safety Eyewear are ready to rumble whenever you are. 
For unbeatable comfort, protection, style and value there's only one real deal - the one and only NEMESIS* Safety Eyewear, That's why millions of American workers choose NEMESIS for work and play. 

  • Soft-touch temples for added protection
  • Sporty, flexible, lightweight design
  • Single-lens wraparound protection
  • Every pair includes a neck cord
  • 99.9% UV protection

Nemesis Eyewear, Smoke Lens, Inferno Red Frame, Ea.  [ KC211-22611 ]
Price: $8.79
Nemesis Eyewear, Clear Lens, Anti-fog, Black Frame, Ea.  [ KC0201-25679 ]
Price: $8.99
Nemesis Eyewear, Indoor-Outdoor Lens, Black Frame, Ea.  [ KC204-25685 ]
Price: $8.99
Nemesis Eyewear, Indoor-Outdoor Lens, Black Frame With Pink Tips, Ea.  [ KC0219-38478 ]
Price: $9.35
Nemesis Eyewear, Clear Anti-Fog Lens, Camo Frame, Ea.  [ KC0213-22608 ]
Price: $9.75