Sharps by Mail

Sharps by Mail
The Sharps Disposal By Mail System includes a sharps container, a government- approved return box, a protective 3-mil bag liner and a 4-part simplified Tracking Form. The cost of destruction and mailing, including confirmation of destruction, is included in the purchase price. When the sharps container is full, it is placed in thepostage pre-paid return box and sent via U.S. Mail directly to our treatment facility. The certified proof of destruction is then promply returned to you.

* Compliance with federal, state and municipal regulations
* Reduced handling of medical waste by employees
* Elimination of expensive or unnecessary pick-ups by medical waste haulers
* No contract requirement
* Convenient, timely and reponsible disposal
* Transpotation of waste via the U.S Postal Service

1 gallon  [ SBM1-11000-018 ]
Price: $70.85
2 Gallon  [ SBM2-12000-012 ]
Price: $83.85
3 gallon  [ SBM3-13000-008 ]
Price: $110.85
5 Gallon (for use with non-sharps biohazard waste only)  [ SBM5-15000 ]
Price: $152.95
Sharps by Mail 1 Gallon