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Mark 3
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  • Disposable, blunt-end,
  • for use with etchants, resins and flowable composites.
  • Available in 5 sizes/colors: 18 Ga./pink, 20 Ga./yellow, 20 Ga./black, 22
    Ga./gray and 25 Ga./blue.
Pre-Bent Needle Tips (Blue) 25ga (100ct)- Mark3  [ CI0663-100-2310 ]
Price: $10.15
  • Intra-oral tips feature innovative color-coding system:
  • Simply match the colored intra-oral tips with the corresponding HP mixing tips and dispense as usual.
  • The intra-oral tips will allow impression materials to flow easily into the delicate margins of tooth preparations, while keeping the materials bubble-free.
Intra Oral Mixing Tips (Yellow) 100/Pk - Mark 3  [ CI0375-100-00 ]
Price: $15.75
HP Universal Mixing Tips fits 50ml high-performance round flange dual cartridges. 48 tips per bag in color-coded sizes.
HP Mixing Tips (Green) 6.5mm (48ct) - Mark 3  [ CI0249-100-1413 ]
Price: $26.99
HP Mixing Tips (Pink) 5.0mm (48ct) - Mark 3  [ CI1247-100-1431 ]
Price: $31.99
Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk by MARK3 are crown and bridge mixing tips that are used with cartridges that have a 10:1 or 4:1 ratio. Most popularly used with Luxatemp Integrity and MARK3 Crown and Bridge Materials.
Temporary Mixing Tips C&B 10:1/4:1 (48 ct) - Mark 3  [ CI1245-100-1433 ]
Price: $37.99
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