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Dental Vacuum Forming
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Crown & Bridge Material

• Thin, clear rigid material
• 5" x 5" sheets
• Acrylic does not bond to material
• For temporary bridges
• Package 0f 25
•.020" (25ct)
Pro-Form Crown & Bridge Material - .020" (25ct)  [ KEY400-9613720 ]
Price: $13.69
Soft EVA
• Soft, clear material
• 5" x 5" sheets
• Easily formed and trimmed
• Bleaching trays, soft bruxing
• Custom fluoride trays, model duplication
• .040 (25ct)
Pro-Form Soft EVA .040 (25ct)  [ KEY200-9596980 ]
Price: $17.99
Splint Material

• Stiff, clear material
• 5" x 5" sheets • Acrylic sticks to material
• For hard splints, surgical trays orthodontic retainers and more
Pro-Form Splint Material (25ct) .020 (.5mm) 25ct  [ KEY500-9615025 ]
Price: $18.99
Pro-Form Splint Material (50ct) .040 (1mm) (127x127mm)  [ KEY465-9614830 ]
Price: $23.75
Clear Retainer Material

• Stiff, clear material
• 5" x 5" sheets
• Acrylic sticks to material
• Invisible orthodontic retainers
• Package of 25
• .030 (.75 mm) (25ct)
Pro-Form Retainer Material (25ct) .030" (.75mm)  [ KEY505-9615025 ]
Price: $46.79
Mouthguard Laminates
Keystone Industries manufactures the only pre-made laminated mouthguard material in the industry. This material has long been considered the leader in custom-made mouthguards. By laminating two layers of soft EVA together, the laminate has excellent tensile strength. All of these features make the Pro-form mouthguard laminate the material of choice for custom-made mouthguards. .
Pro-Form Mouthguard Laminates - .160" (4mm) Clear (12ct)  [ KEY100-9596920 ]
Price: $61.29
This laminate or layered soft/soft material was made specifically for nighttime bruxers. The layering gives the thermoplastic a more abrasion-resistant characteristic that will withstand grinding better than traditional soft sheet materials.
Pro-Form NiteGuards (12ct) .120" (3mm)  [ KEY305-9602550 ]
Price: $62.45
Bleaching Laminate
The bleaching of teeth using a carbamide peroxide and a bleaching tray has become an acceptable dental technique and our Bleaching Laminate is ideally suited for making the bleaching tray. It is thin, being only .020 inches in thickness once it has been formed over the model. It has a foam liner to absorb the bleach, thus decreasing the bleaching time for the patient. The Bleaching Laminate is our biggest-selling item for bleaching. Comes in packages of 50 sheets.
Pro-Form Pro-Form Bleaching Laminate - .020" (.5mm) (50ct)  [ KEY300-9605780 ]
Price: $80.19
Machine IV

The Keystone Dental Vacuum Forming Machines are the most popular dental vacuum forming machines in the dental industry. The price, features and reliability make them the choice dental forming machines out there. The Machine IV is the newest of Keystone Industries’ long-standing machines and boasts new and improved features that make your vacuum forming work easier than ever.

The base of the machine is made from super strong, lightweight space-age thermoplastic material that is designed for high-temperature application. The easy-to-clean polymer base has no paint or powder coating that will chip or scratch off, so the machine will look brand-new for years to come. The plastic housing dampens vibrations better than traditional cast aluminum, which results in a quieter unit.

The system has a simple, reliable touch pad control with several safety features such as:

- Vacuum control turns off the heater and the heater control turns off the vacuum. This ensures that the heater will never be left on continuously for many hours. This protects the heater and ensures safety in the workplace. Whenever there is a need to run many cycles in succession simply turn the vacuum off using the heater control. This will turn off the vacuum and turn the heat back on. The heater will still be sufficiently warm to start your next model.

- Built-in safety timer that shuts down the heater if not used for 15 minutes.

- Built-in over temperature sensor on the circuit board powers down the entire unit in the unlikely event timer fails and the unit is left on overnight.

Overall, the Machine IV’s compact and lightweight design takes up less space than vacuum formers and is can be easily picked up and stowed away when not in use. The vented heated cover allows heat to quickly dissipate, allowing the machine to cool quicker. Also, a locking handle allows varying the height of the material play during the heating process.

The Machine IV is great for processing bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, implant stints, temporary splints, customer impression trays, denture bases, copings, temporary crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances.

- Replaceable vacuum platform
- Contour vacuum platform that allows full airflow under the model
- Locking handles
- Plug and play spade connectors
- Simple touch pad control
- Available in 110 Volt
- Uses 5”x5” resin sheets
- Made In the U.S.A.
- 5-year guarantee on parts and labor
Pro-Form Machine IV Vacuum Former  [ KEY020-7000338 ]
Price: $370.00
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