Fluoride Varnish
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The CLEAR choice for maximum protection!
Sparkle V 5% Sodium Fluoride varnish delivers the optimum fouride dosage in a varnish that dries to a natural tooth shade on contact.
  •  Delivers maximum allowable fluoride dosage, with consistant fluoride level in every application
  •  Sets rapidly in the presense of saliva no need to isolate teeth
  •  Smooth, non-clumping formula
  •  No need for prophy prior to use
  •  FDA approved
  •  Convenient single-use package with bendable brush applicator that eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  •  Simple, fast mess-free application and easy clean-up: simply peel open and brush on 
  •  Gluten, Aspartame and Saccharin free

120 Per Box
Crosstex Sparkle Fluoride Varnish - 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol (120ct)  [ C075-UFVBG ]
Price: $189.99
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