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Fast and Accurate Blood Glucose Testing in an Easy-to-use Meter

FDA 510K for multi resident and multi patient use.

One in every three residents in long-term care have diabetes.
Nationally, it costs an additional 14 billion dollars each year to care for these residents compared to residents without diabetes.

The Assure® Prism multi Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides healthcare professionals with a fast, accurate and easy way to monitor their residents’ blood glucose levels.

Reliable Diabetes Care
The Assure Prism multi Blood Glucose Monitoring System has a clinically driven design and advanced technology. This multi-resident meter complies with ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements.

Design features like a test strip that points toward the resident and backlit display are designed to make it easier for the healthcare professional to monitor a resident’s blood glucose level.

Performance Focus

Test Results in 5 Seconds
Fast test results reduce downtime

Optimized Readout Display
Large, thick numbers are intended to improve readability

Compact Design
Small, lightweight design provides better portability


Accuracy of a Blood Glucose Meter System (BGMS) as it relates to the ISO 15197:2013 Requirements in the Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus
Assure Prism Multi Meter  [ MP880-ARK530001 ]
Price: $7.89
Assure Prism Multi Control Solution (1 & 2)  [ MP885-ARK530006 ]
Price: $12.59
Assure Prism Multi Glucose Test Strips (50ct)  [ MP882-ARK530050 ]
Price: $13.39
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