Cardiovascular Testing
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Purchase At least 100 boxes of Lipid Profile·GLU Cassettes (item #10-991) and receive: an Alere Cholestech LDX® Analyzer (value of $1600)

Purchase At least 100 boxes of TC/HDL/GLU Cassettes (item #10-990) and receive : an Alere Cholestech LDX® Analyzer (value of $1600)

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Accuracy, Portability and Better Patient Outcomes
Introducing The Cholestech LDXTM Battery Pack

Cholestech LDX Battery

Get a lipid profile and glucose test anywhere, anytime.

With the Cholestech LDXTM Analyzer and its portable battery, youcan get accurate lipid profile results in 5 minutes without having to plug in to a wall outlet. This allows healthcare professionals to use the Cholestech LDX Analyzer for testing in various environments, such as alongside patients in the exam room or during community health and wellness events that lack easily accessible wall outlets.

  • Rechargeable battery uses the same power cord that is available with the Cholestech LDX Analyzer
  • Size: 3.5 in × 4.25 in × 1 in Weight: < 1 LB
  • Designed to last 10 hours or 60 tests

Heart disease prevention begins at the point of care.

Cholestech LDX Analyzer

Cholestech LDX Analyzer

Confidence In Results

Accurate, actionable results from the leader in point-of-care lipid testing.

The CLIA-waived Cholestech LDX™ Analyzer is engineered for confidence, providing accurate, actionable, and readily accessible results that have set the standard in point-of-care lipid profile, cholesterol, and glucose testing.

Market Leader

#1 choice of healthcare professionals used in thousands of physician offices, hospitals and wellness programs nationwide.

Rapid, Actionable Results

Rapid, accurate results provide immediate awareness and identification of cardiovascular and diabetes health risks in only 5 minutes.

Assured Clinical Decisions

  • Meets National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) performance goals for lipids with lab-accurate results
  • Certified by the CDC’s Lipid Standardization Program (LSP) and Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Method Network (CRMLN) programs (the lipid testing accuracy standards)

Results are Easy to Obtain

Fingerstick sampling and small sample size (40μL) makes results less painful and time consuming, and easy to obtain.

Eliminate Errors with Automated Checks

Unique safeguards, automated checks and calibrations help ensure analyzer integrity and accurate results and eliminate user error.

Simple 3-Step Testing

Testing full lipid profile and glucose is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Perform a fingerstick and collect the sample with a capillary tube within 10 seconds.
  • Dispense the sample into the test cassette.
  • Insert the cassette and press the RUN button.

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 1 - The System Overview

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 2 - Installation

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 3 - Set-up & Configuration

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 4 - Optics Check

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 5 - Running QC

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 6 - Prepare to Test

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 7 - Running a Fingerstick

Cholestech LDX Demo Module 8 - Running Venous WB Test

High volume accounts and screeners may be eligible for special pricing.

Cholestech LDX Loaners & Rentals may be available upon request.

Call 1-800-452-8909 for details.

  • Analyzer
  • Printer
  • Printer Cable
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Procedure Manual
  • Starter Pack
  • Training Video
  • Optics Check Cassette


For medical professional use only. This product cannot be purchased for personal or home use.

Cholestech LDX Lithium Ion Battery  [ AL250-55170 ]
Price: $107.35
Cholestech LDX System  [ 907-10-959 ]
Price: $2,193.65
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