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  • CURAD® blue bandages meet the needs of the food service industry with their high visibility and innovative, long-lasting adhesive that's gentle on the skin.
  • Detectable metal hidden behind the non-adherent wound pad easily triggers metal detectors used by food packagers.
  • This routine process scans for dangerous metal debris such as screws or knife tips that can accidentally fall into food during processing.
  • In addition, the highly identifiable blue color stands out in all different foods.
  • All of our bandages seal around all 4 sides to protect from dirt and germs.
Curad Bandage (3/4 x 3") Blue, Metal Det. CASE (100/bx - 12 per case)  [ ML400-NON255002BL ]
Price: $33.99
Asterile ready to use protective dressing for minor cuts and abrasions. Manufactured of strong, sheer, ventilated plastic, coated with a long lasting adhesive. Non-stick pad for comfort and fluid absorption. Packaged in dispenser boxes for convenient handling. Latex-free.
Adhesive Bandage 3/4" x 3" (100 ct.)  [ D035-3601 ]
Price: $2.19
1" x 3" (100 ct.)  [ D036-3602 ]
Price: $2.99
  • Sterile protective dressing for minor cuts
  • Ideal post-injection bandage
  • Latex free

Sheer Plastic Spot Band 7/8 (100ct)  [ D037-3607 ]
Price: $2.39
STAT STRIP Adhesive Bandages

Easy to open - can be applied directly without touching pad

STAT STRIP  adhesive bandages are easy to open, even when youre wearing gloves. Just pull firmly on the ends to release the outer wrap. You can then apply the bandage directly without touching the pad or the wound. Each bandage is individually wrapped and sterilized. All bandages are 3" long. 100 bandages per package, 12 packages (1200 bandages) per case.
Stat Strip Bandages  [ MP375-NUT15200 ]
Price: $3.09
Inject-Safe™ Barrier Bandages
The first and only bandage designed specifically for injections.

  • Improved Safety
  • Lower Cost
  • More Convenient
  • Less Pain

Features & Benefits

  • Meets OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standards definition of Engineering  Control, for use to reduce employee exposure to a patient’s blood at the site of subcutaneous or intramuscular injection
  • Safer – Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages self-seals to help contain bleeding following an injection.
  • Consistent with “Universal Precautions” established by OSHA.
  • Protects the healthcare provider from exposure to potential blood borne pathogens.
  • Allows healthcare provider to use both hands to dispose of the needle. Reducing needle sticks.

Simple Procedure
Step 1: Prepare injection site with alcohol swab
Step 2: Remove bandage from package and apply to skin
Step 3: Make injection through center of bandage remove and safely dispose of syringe

Improved Safety
  • Barrier Bandage creates an antiseptic puncture site supporting "no touch" technique
  • Eliminates need to return to puncture site post injection
  • Self sealing membrane contains bleeding and splattering during an injection
  • Protects user from coming into contact with potential blood borne pathogens
  • Simple procedure reduces potential for accidental finger stick injuries
  • 98% of users stated that the Barrier Bandage made them feel safer

Lower Cost
  • Combines the functionality of a band aid, cotton ball and rubber gloves
  • More efficient procedure lowers overall cost on injection by as much as 50%

More Convenient
  • Simple procedure saves time and integrates easily into busy office, clinic or pharmacy

Less Pain
  • Unique concentric adhesion reduces injection pain for patients
  • 70% of patients felt the Barrier Bandage made the injection less painful

Inject Safe - Barrier Bandages (100ct)  [ MP369-ISI007 ]
Price: $17.99
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