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Bone Graft
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The fastest, easiest and most efficient bone augmentation material the market has ever seen.


Another novel product of Augma Biomaterials Ltd. is a combination of 3D BondTM with a formula of hydroxyapatite granules. This is a cement-based, osteoconductive composite, synthetic bone substitute that is used for bone reconstruction in a range of dental applications and is intended for filling, augmenting and reconstructing a broad range of defects in the maxillofacial bones.

Bond Apatite® is composed of 2 matrices which have different absorption coefficients and characteristics.The first matrix is biphasic calcium sulfate (3D BondTM ) which is absorbed and replaced completely. The second matrix is a formula of hydroxyapatite granules which serves as longer range space maintainer. The product guarantees reduced treatment time and convenient manipulation for the clinician, thanks to the product’s unique nature and the specially designed syringe.

  • Bond Apatite® is delivered in a dual-chamber, pre filled syringe,
  • Less than 1 min is required for Graft placement and stabilisation
  • Improved outcomes
  • Shortens Healing Time
  • Membrane use is not essential
  • Significant reduction in overall cost
  • Bond Apatite® is FDA cleared and CE approved

Clinical Trial

Bond Apatite Internal porosity structure divided into macro porous in different magnifications (SEM images)

Bond Apatite® Resorption Behavior
Clinical Trial

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Bond Apatite Bone Graft Cement, (1cc Syringe) Each  [ AUGMA001-HABBPACK1 ]
Price: $128.00
Bond Apatite Bone Graft Cement, 1cc (Buy 6 Get 2 Free)  [ AUGMAPROMO-HABBPACK1 ]
Price: $768.00
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