Tattoo Parlor Supplies
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Dynarex alcohol prep pads for aniseptic skin preperation prior to injection or venipuncture. Impegnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Alcohol Prep Pads 200CT  [ D010-1103 ]
Price: $2.25
Precision cut-polished smooth edges. Sturdy, uniform in size and color. Sterile blades packed in convenient peel-down pouches.
Sterile Junior 5 1/2" (100 ct.)  [ D102-4313 ]
Price: $4.25
Sterile Junior 5 1/2" (100 ct.)  [ D103-4314 ]
Price: $4.45
N/S Senior 6" (500 ct.)  [ D101-4312 ]
Price: $8.19
N/S Junior 5 1/2" (500 ct.)  [ D100-4311 ]
Price: $8.39

Recommended for use in the following industries: Laboratory / Law Enforcement / Industrial Safety / Tattoo / Automotive / Corectional Facilities / Funeral

When enhanced tactile sensitivity and consistent grip are a must, make MidKnightTM your glove of choice.
MidKnightTM gloves offer the superior combination of durability and protection against day-to-day hazards, in a comfortable nitrile glove. The glove of choice for individuals who demand uncompromising quality and protection, MidKnightTM provides an exceptional balance of performance, comfort and durability. Designed specifically with a distinct color that resists stains.

Recommended for use when:
• Day-to-day hazards require the best combination of durability and consistency
• Working in environments that demand firm grip and reliability
• Precise contact requires enhanced tactile sensitivity
100 Gloves Per Box
Microflex Midknight Nitrile Small  [ 231-MK-296-S ]
Price: $12.25
Microflex Midknight Nitrile Medium  [ 232-MK-296-M ]
Price: $12.25
Microflex Midknight Nitrile Large  [ 233-MK-296-L ]
Price: $12.25
Microflex Midknight Nitrile X-Large  [ 234-MK-296-XL ]
Price: $12.25
Microflex Midknight Nitrile XX-Large  [ 235-MK-296-XXL ]
Price: $12.25
Microflex Midknight Nitrile X-Small  [ 230-MK-296-XS ]
Price: $12.25
In just 1 minute, DisCide Ultra is effective against TB, viruses (HBV, HCV, RSV, HIV-1), bacteria (MRSA, VRE, E. coli), and fungi (C. albicans). Specifically formulated to resist evaporation, it’s non-corrosive, non-staining, and leaves no residue.

Plus, it meets OSHA’s blood-borne pathogen standard. Ready-to-use for the ultimate in convenience, DisCide Ultra is available in identical formulations in both spray and towelette formats to ensure efficacy when liquid and towelettes are used in tandem. DisCide to be sure with fast acting DisCide Ultra.

  • Hospital-level, one-step, ready-to-use quaternary ammonium, intermediate high-level alcohol-based disinfectant
  • Proven to kill deadly pathogens in one minute or less for accelerated operatory turnover
  • Non-corrosive and non-staining with pleasant herbal scent and no unsightly residue
  • FDA and EPA registered
  • Container/lid does not contain latex
  • Available in towelettes, spray, or bulk gallon refill
Towelettes Lrg. (160 ct.)  [ 770-60DIS ]
Price: $14.19
Towelettes X-Lrg. (60 ct.)  [ 771-10DIS ]
Price: $15.99
(Spray) (1qt. Bottle)  [ 772-3565Q ]
Price: $17.29
1 Gallon Refill  [ 773-3565G ]
Price: $34.99
Cotton Tipped Applicators, 3 in. and 6 in.
1000 per box
3 in. (1000ct)  [ 575-400402 ]
Price: $14.75
6 in. (1000ct)  [ 576-400401 ]
Price: $15.75
Soaker Pads

Absorbent center is wrapped and sealed on all four sides by a polyethylene film with perforations on one side

  • Pads allow tattoo to breathe and not dry out
  • Non-sterile
  • Non-stick for easy removal
  • Absorbs plasma and excess ink after tattoo application
Dynarex - Soaker Pads (Black) (4" x 7") 500ct  [ D085-2168 ]
Price: $15.35
Dynarex - Soaker Pads (Black) (6.25" x 7" ) 500ct  [ D086-2169 ]
Price: $23.75
A thin plastic perforated sheet with a light adhesive used to cover anything that might be touched in the operatory: light handles, drawer handles, light switches, telephones, etc. Now with the Lift Edge.

  • Unique 3/16" / 0.47625 cm non-adhesive finger-lift edge allows quick, easy placement/removal
  • Light tack adhesive easily attaches to surfaces without leaving residue
  • Ideal for areas that are hard-to-reach, clean or disinfect
  • Available in blue  and clear

Contains: 4” x 6” in size. 1200 sheets per box.

Clear  [ 696-BFCl ]
Price: $23.89
Blue  [ 695-BFBL ]
Price: $23.89
Ready to use 30-day glutaraldehyde solution designed for room / temperature use. Requires no activator, no mixing! One year shelf-life. Light fresh scent. User-friendly and cost effective.

  • Has a pH of 6.3 and is very stable and non-corrosive with stainless steel.
  • Is still today the safest and most cost-effective high-level disinfectant / cold sterilant soaking solution on the market for reprocessing endoscopes and surgical instruments which cannot be sterilized using ethylene oxide or heat.
  • Does not contain the suspected carcinogen ortho-phenyl phenol.
  • Has a reuse of up to 30 days when monitoring the glutaraldehyde concentration with the WAVICIDE-01® Test Strips and it combines the efficacy of a 14-day solution.
  • Is the product of choice for your high-level disinfection and sterilization needs.
  • Is a mild fresh scented replacement for those other unpleasant pungent smelling brands.
Wavicide - 1 Gallon  [ 781-01041G ]
Price: $25.99
Air / water syringe sleeve - tapered fit, pre-cut hole at end allows for easy applications. Can be used with a variety of instruments.
500 ct.  [ 686-670050 ]
Price: $38.59
The Sharps Disposal By Mail System includes a sharps container, a government- approved return box, a protective 3-mil bag liner and a 4-part simplified Tracking Form. The cost of destruction and mailing, including confirmation of destruction, is included in the purchase price. When the sharps container is full, it is placed in thepostage pre-paid return box and sent via U.S. Mail directly to our treatment facility. The certified proof of destruction is then promply returned to you.

* Compliance with federal, state and municipal regulations
* Reduced handling of medical waste by employees
* Elimination of expensive or unnecessary pick-ups by medical waste haulers
* No contract requirement
* Convenient, timely and reponsible disposal
* Transpotation of waste via the U.S Postal Service

1 gallon  [ SBM1-11000-018 ]
Price: $70.85
2 Gallon  [ SBM2-12000-012 ]
Price: $83.85
3 gallon  [ SBM3-13000-008 ]
Price: $110.85
5 Gallon (for use with non-sharps biohazard waste only)  [ SBM5-15000 ]
Price: $152.95
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